Day: October 29, 2021

Bitcoin ETF Likely to Be Approved by Australia

Australian regulators are likely to approve ETPs based on Bitcoin and Ethereum in the near future, and that includes ETFs, according to CoinDesk. Australia may approve Bitcoin and Ether ETPs soon Australian securities regulator ASIC stated on Friday that Bitcoin and Ethereum are likely to be legally suitable by all the necessary criteria as a

Metaverse Tokens Are Soaring on Facebook’s Rebrand News

The Metaverse-related crypto projects Decentraland and Axie Infinity are rallying after Facebook revealed that it would be rebranding and turning its focus to virtual reality worlds yesterday. Metaverse Tokens Rise Crypto investors are rushing to buy into the Metaverse. Several Metaverse-focused crypto projects have rallied following Facebook’s rebranding announcement. The Big Tech giant revealed it

Robinhood Might Not Add SHIB Soon, Here's Why

According to a recent story by Reuters, the long-expected listing of SHIB token by the Robinhood app may not occur soon for the following reason. ‘When #shiba?’ ask Robinhood users hungry for #dogecoin-like returns — Reuters (@Reuters) October 29, 2021 DOGE versus SHIB The second-largest and most popular meme cryptocurrency, SHIB, has staged a

$532 Million CryptoPunk Trade Uncovered, Here's What It Actually Is

The famous CryptoPunk NFT collection that consists of various pixelated personas called Punks has shaken the world with outrageous multi-million deals many times. Another $532 million deal appeared just recently, but it is clearly not a natural supply and demand relationship, Bloomberg reports. The history behind a half-a-billion transaction The rare green-eyed pixelated character with

CryptoPunks NFT “Sells” for Over $500M

In a questionably large sale, CryptoPunk #9998 has sold for more than $532M, according to the project’s sales feed. CryptoPunks Token Sells for $500 Million The CryptoPunks NFT sold for 124,457.07 ETH, an amount worth $532,414,877.01 at the time of sale. Given the unusually large transaction size, the crypto community is speculating on the nature

$1.1 Billion in ETH Moved by Whales After Ethereum Reached New All-Time High

Over the past 16 hours, popular crypto tracking service Whale Alert detected several transactions, carrying astounding amounts of Ethereum. In the meantime, eight hours ago, the second-largest cryptocurrency, ETH, spiked to hit a new historic high of $4,400. The previous all-time high was reached by the coin in May, also above the $4,000 level—$4,379.62. Image

SEC May Deny Valkyrie’s Leveraged Bitcoin Futures ETF

The U.S. SEC has blocked Valkyrie Investments from creating a leveraged Bitcoin futures ETF, according to the Wall Street Journal. Leveraged ETF From Valkyrie Blocked According to the WSJ’s sources, Valkyrie has been asked to pull its proposal for a leveraged Bitcoin futures ETF. The firm initially filed its proposal on Tuesday, Oct. 26. That

Wojak Finance Launches Facebook Page, Accelerates Community Building

Wojak Finance, a unique hyper-deflationary decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, accomplishes yet another milestone in its community management. Now, its enthusiasts can read the latest updates on the product’s progress on Facebook. Wojak Finance expands its social media presence, introduces Facebook page According to the official announcement by Wojak Finance’s team shared on its main social

Decentraland Up 44% as Metaverse Tokens Surge in Wake of Facebook’s Meta Rebrand

Cryptocurrencies associated with the metaverse—a persistent, virtual shared universe—saw double-digit gains over the last day, in the wake of Facebook’s announcement that it would rebrand as Meta, with a mission to “bring the metaverse to life.” Decentraland’s MANA token led the pack, with 24-hour gains of over 44.6%, bringing its price to around $1.15. The

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Coffers Swell to $7 Billion

Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy added nearly 9,000 Bitcoin to its holdings in the third quarter, with a total amount on its balance sheet reaching 114,042 BTC as of September 30, 2021 With Bitcoin currently trading at roughly $61,000, Microstrategy now holds a staggering $7 billion of the leading cryptocurrency. According to MicroStrategy’s Q3 financial results

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