Day: October 1, 2021

Early NFT Investor Nick Tomaino: ‘Belief Equals Value’ in Crypto

After the first mass NFT boom of March and April, sales volume for non-fungible tokens dramatically dropped in June, and mainstream media declared NFTs dead. In August, NFTs boomed anew, with collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Pudgy Penguins, Cool Cats, Solana’s Degenerate Apes, generative artworks on Art Blocks, and game-piece NFTs like Loot selling

Polkastarter Announces NFT Game WonderHero as First Fully Incubated Project

Polkastarter has announced its first fully-incubated project will be play-to-earn RPG WonderHero. Polkastarter Unveils Partnership with NFT Game Project WonderHero Decentralized launchpad Polkastarter has announced its partnership with WonderHero, a play-to-earn mobile RPG game, which will receive pre-IDO and post IDO support and mentorship while gaining access to Polkastarter’s vast network for marketing, branding and

Robinhood App Downloads Plunged 78%, Binance 50% Amid Crypto Summer Doldrums

Downloads of the Robinhood app have plunged—and this could lead to a dip in price of the company’s stock, according to JP Morgan analysts. Robinhood’s stock could actually receive a hit as big as a 20% drop in value, as the meme stock craze dies down, the investment bank analysts added in a note, seen

6,000 Coinbase Users Robbed in Phishing Attacks, Company Says It Will Reimburse

Cryptocurrency giant Coinbase revealed that “at least 6,000 Coinbase customers had funds removed from their accounts” as a result of a recent phishing campaign that saw hackers get around an SMS-based authentication feature the company used to secure many accounts. News of the phishing campaign was first reported in August, but the scope of it

Ethereum Faces One Obstacle to Return to $4,000

Ethereum has rallied with the rest of the market since the monthly trading session started. Still, ETH must overcome a crucial obstacle to resume its uptrend and re-enter price discovery mode. Ethereum Reaches Key Resistance Ethereum looks like it’s breaking out. The second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap is up more than 15% in the last

Veteran Trader John Bollinger Is Targeting $50K After Recent Bitcoin Price Spike

Eminent trader John Bollinger, who rose to prominence after inventing the Bollinger Bands indicator, has taken note of Bitcoin’s recent short squeeze that catapulted the largest cryptocurrency to its highest level since Sept. 22. $btcusd, first target met and exceeded. Second target the upper Bollinger Band, just below 50k. You are running that trailing stop,

Cosmos Bridge to Ethereum Is Slated to Launch in 2021

A new Cosmos hub compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine will allow for cross-chain activity between the two blockchains. Cosmos Hub Plans to Launch Bridge A project focused on allowing interoperability between the various EVM-compatible blockchains is launching on Cosmos. Evmos, short for “EVM-on-Cosmos,” will allow Ethereum-based contracts to communicate within the Cosmos ecosystem. Hubs

Esports Giant TSM Teams Up With Solana ‘Blue Chip’ NFT Game Aurory

The most valuable esports company in the U.S., TSM FTX, is teaming up with arguably the most promising NFT gaming project on the fast-rising Solana blockchain blockchain network, Aurory. TSM, now known as TSM FTX, today announced a collaboration with Solana NFT gaming startup Aurory, which will see the esports company mint its first-ever collection

Bitcoin Jumps to $48,000 With $52,000 in Target

Bitcoin has kicked off Q4 with a bang after surging by more than 15% in the last 36 hours. BTC has breached the $45,000 resistance level, which means higher highs could be on the horizon. Bitcoin Enters Rally Bitcoin is breaking out. The leading crypto asset broke $48,000 earlier today and appears to be heading

WonderHero Becomes First Incubated Project of Polkastarter Labs

Anime-inspired RPG game WonderHero has become the first incubated project of Polkastarter Labs, the newly created investment arm of Polkastarter. Players, who represent the last humans left after a nuclear war, have to come back to Earth and fight ferocious monstrosities. They are able to collect non-fungible tokens in the form of heroes, weapons, and

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