Day: October 23, 2021

America’s First Bitcoin ETF Wants to Waive Trading Restrictions

Less than a week after its blowout launch, ProShares wants to change the way it runs its new Bitcoin ETF. ProShares CEO Michael Sapir told Barron’s that his firm is filing for an exemption from trading limits at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where it purchases futures contracts for its Bitcoin ETF, and that ProShares will

Robinhood Adds SHIB to Their Survey to Study Clients’ Crypto Preferences

According to the recent tweet by a prominent SHIB Twitter account, @ShibalnuNews, Robinhood app might be considering adding the “Dogecoin killer” meme currency to the list of trading assets. Robinhood studying if users like SHIB The Twitter user has shared a screenshot of a survey that had been e-mailed to them. In it, Robinhood is

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis for October 23

The weekend has begun with a downtrend on the cryptocurrency market as almost all of the coins are in the red zone. Top coins by CoinMarketCap BTC/USD The rate of Bitcoin (BTC) has gone down by almost 3% since yesterday, while the price change over the last week is unchanged. BTC/USD chart by TradingView On

3 Million CoinMarketCap Emails Surface Online But ‘No Trace’ of Security Breach

Yesterday, a site that scans the internet for data breaches reported that 3.1 million email addresses had been stolen from CoinMarketCap’s database. Have I Been Pwned discovered on October 12 that the emails used on the crypto price aggregator site were being traded on a hacking forum. The suspected leak does not contain passwords. New

This Week on Crypto Twitter: Coinbase’s NFT Play, Cardano and Paris Hilton

Another week has gone by, and with it, a cacophony of historical, inspired, and questionable events proliferated across the ever-expansive world of Crypto Twitter. On Monday, Sanchan Saxena, a VP at Coinbase, shared details about the exchange’s upcoming NFT marketplace . With a waitlist that has already surpassed 1.5 million applicants, Sanchan reassured the community

600,000 Ethers Burned Since EIP 1559 Activation

Since Ethereum Improvement Proposal 1559 went live in mainnet on Aug. 5, 2021, the total value of Ethers destroyed surpassed $2.4 billion. Ethereum is on its way to deflationary asset status According to data shared by automated analytical instrument ETH Burn Bot, the aggregated number of Ethers destroyed surpassed 600,000 yesterday in the late-night hours.

XRPL Devs Can Participate in Second Grant Program

Ripple’s Elliot Lee, former Paypal and Kraken engineer, shares an invitation to the second iteration of a large-scale grant program focused on XRP Ledger solutions. Bringing sidechains, NFTs and dev tools to XRP Ledger According to the latest tweet shared by Mr. Lee, Ripple X and XRPL Labs are inviting all blockchain developers to take

Fidenza Artist Sells $7M in NFTs That Aren’t Yet Minted

Fidenza artist Tyler Hobbs has sold $7M worth of digital art that is not scheduled to exist until December. Even then, buyers will have to be physically present to redeem their artwork. “The Forms of Things Unknown” Tyler Hobbs, the artist behind Fidenza, has raised over $7 million by selling “Golden Tokens,” or NFTs redeemable

Bitcoin’s Netscape Moment is Finally Here

It’s the oldest cliché in crypto: that blockchain still has no “killer app,” still awaits its “Netscape moment.” The term refers to the 1994 launch of the web browser that made it easy for ordinary people to surf the Internet. The web had been around for years, but Netscape’s arrival ignited a turning point that

This Week in Coins: Bitcoin and Ethereum Set All-Time Highs, Altcoins Rally

This week in crypto, market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum set new all-time highs. On Wednesday the Bitcoin tsunami loomed up higher than it ever had before, broke, and fell back down, but not before setting a new high watermark of $66,930. The reason? After more than eight years of proposals by the crypto community, the

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