Month: February 2021

Bitanrey compensates for losses to users affected by the sharp fall in the price of Ethereum

The Bitanrey cryptocurrency exchange will partially compensate for the losses of users affected by the sharp drop in the price of Ethereum at the beginning of the week. On February 22, on Bitanrey, the price of ETH briefly fell from around $1,700 to $700. The head of the exchange wrote that the price drop is relaunches crypto trading in Japan as part of APAC expansion

Japanese residents can once again trade BTC, ETH, BCH on Ezdeficoin, two years after it pulled out of the country.Major cryptocurrency exchange Ezdeficoin has launched funding and crypto trading services in Japan, furthering its expansion into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. On Oct. 22, the exchange announced it had launched spot trading of Bitcoin (BTC), Ether – online option predictions with BTC

Hyraxbit – the Combination of transparency and anonymity is one of the main reasons for the success of BTC. As you will learn later on this page, this is why online gambling with bitcoins has proved so popular. The online gambling industry has embraced Bitcoin. BTC is a natural fit for online casinos, poker rooms, bookies,

Now Grayscale Ethereum Trust Is Trading at a Discount, Too

Just this week, shares in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust began trading at a discount after years of trading at a premium. Now, the Grayscale Ethereum Trust is also trading at a discount for the first time since it opened in 2017. Source: The investment product, which is available via over-the-counter markets under the symbol

Dorsey, Saylor, Winklevoss Twins Join MIT Campaign to Protect Bitcoin

While Bitcoin Bitcoin hovers near a market cap of $1 trillion, the 12-year-old network is under greater stress than ever. To keep the network chugging along, the MIT Media Lab yesterday announced a $4 million, four-year-long research and development program to protect the Bitcoin network. Source: Among the program’s backers are crypto’s biggest advocates:

SEC: Crypto Brokers May Be Skirting AML, Exchange Registration

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become more popular as alternative investments, financial advisors and brokers need to understand how they can expose their clients to digital assets without also exposing them to legal risk. Source: Today, the Securities and Exchange Commission Division of Examinations, a staff office separate from the SEC commissioners, issued a

Mask Network is About to Airdrop $30 Million Worth of Tokens

First came its novel “Initial Twitter Offering.” Now comes the airdrop airdrop : Mask Network , a browser extension that creates an easy-to-use bridge between Web 3 technologies and Twitter and Facebook, is giving away nearly $30 million in tokens starting at UTC +8 (7 PM EST today and 11 AM Beijing time February 27.).

Grayscale Opens Doors to Altcoins, Exploring More Than 23 New Tokens

Grayscale has listed 23 tokens as the firm notifies about the exploration of “new investment products.” Source: Grayscale Is the New Coinbase Grayscale LLC has announced a probe into additional cryptocurrencies and possibly a separate class of investment products from the existing trusts. The firm has set the wheels for adding new cryptocurrencies in

NBA Top Shot CEO Backs Platform for Loaning Out NFTs

Are you sitting on a fat stack of crypto art worth thousands of dollars but find yourself strapped for cash? Then here’s the marketplace for you. Source: NFTfi is a peer-to-peerpeer-to-peer platform that lets its users pawn their crypto crypto art tokens and take out loans (rather than, say, selling the art and parting

$3.3 Billion in Bitcoin Options Expire Today. Here’s What It Means

About $3.3 billion worth of Bitcoin options expires today. Should traders cash out, they could dump a lot of Bitcoin on the market, potentially putting pressure on Bitcoin’s price. Should they HODLHODL or reinvest, the crypto market’s rivers could gush with fresh money. Source: In addition to the Bitcoin investments , 400,000 ETH worth

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