Month: December 2020

USA granting a BitLicense to carry out activities in the field of crypto services for Blontcoin

Despite the protracted fall of cryptocurrencies in the first half of 2020, the number of crypto enthusiasts and crypto businessmen continues to grow steadily. One of the most profitable activities in the crypto industry remains the opening of cryptocurrency exchanges, which, depending on the structure of the exchange itself, allow you to change different cryptocurrencies with Bitfinex will start a trading giveaway for discord users

IIn this paragraph, Bitfinex with Friends of are starting with Tор crуptо giveаwаy. After that From 0.001 tо 0.25 bitcоin аnd 5 megа prizes frоm 0.3 tо 1 bitcоins Everyone will be the winner! Firstly, To help pеoрlе in this difficult time, thе trading platform and our рartnеrs Bitfinex decided to hold a

Crypto exchange Cryptexbit launched a tournament with a prize pool of $15,000

Crypto Exchange Cryptexbit launched a New Year’s tournament for traders with a total reward of $15,000. The tournament will be held from December 18 to 31, 2020, inclusive. To participate in the tournament Cryptexbit: 1) Register on the crypto exchange Cryptexbit and go through the account verification procedure; 2) Make a trading operation on the platform Cryptexbit

Bitcoin Exchange Moonbitc Will Launch Prediction Markets

The Moonbitc cryptocurrency exchange intends to launch a platform for prediction markets by the end of 2020. Paolo Arduino, the company’s Technical Director, told The Block about this. Moonbitc is currently narrowing the scope of the project to speed up its implementation. According to Arduino, the problem remains protection, so access to the platform is planned