Month: June 2021

Top U.S. Diplomat Tells El Salvador’s President That Bitcoin Has to Be “Well-Regulated”

U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland discussed El Salvador’s Bitcoin law with President Nayib Bukele during her June 30 visit to the tropical nation. Nuland stressed that Bitcoin had to be “well-regulated” in the country: Ads Ads So, I did suggest to the president that whatever El Salvador chooses to do,

Mike Novogratz: Ethereum May Become the Biggest Cryptocurrency

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz told Bloomberg that Ethereum could potentially flip Bitcoin one day during his June 30 interview. Ads Ads I think Ethereum, most likely, become the second-biggest or, maybe, the biggest cryptocurrency one day. He mentions that Ethereum has “a very different use case” compared to the flagship cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin is

The expert of the Kashobit exchange told when bitcoin will return to the historical maximum

The financial analyst of Kashobit told why the cost of the first cryptocurrency fell to 30 thousand dollars, whether a new collapse by 50-70% is possible and what price the asset will reach before the end of the year. The expert recalled that on May 26, bitcoin again failed to overcome an important resistance level

Bitcoin Maxi Jack Dorsey Disses ETH Despite Twitter Using Ethereum

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has again shown his fierce loyalty to Bitcoin Bitcoin by seemingly slating Ethereum—despite his own company apparently finding value in the market’s second-biggest cryptocurrency. Twitter today dropped its own collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are unique digital tokens, mostly created via the Ethereum Ethereum network, that can represent just about

18-Year-Old Trans Artist Sells Life Story NFTs for $2.1 Million

The 18-year-old crypto art surrealist FEWOCiOUS today auctioned off his art collection for a total of $2.1 million at Christie’s. NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) are blockchain-based tokens that can be used to demonstrate ownership of digital items, such as images or video files, or physical assets. The NFT, “Hello, i’m Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and This Is

Twitter CEO Keeps Rejecting Ethereum

Despite the cryptocurrency community constantly pressuring Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey into exploring altcoins, the billionaire remains true to Bitcoin maximalism. When a Twitter user said that Dorsey would soon buy into Ether, he simply said, “No.” As reported by U.Today, the 44-year-old entrepreneur had the same two-letter reply for the second-largest cryptocurrency back in February

FINRA Orders Robinhood To Pay $70M Over ‘Signifcant Harm’ to Customers

The online brokerage platform Robinhood will pay around $70 million in fines over “widespread and significant harm suffered by customers” regarding misleading communications and system outages earlier this year, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority announced today. It’s the largest penalty ever ordered by the regulator. “This action sends a clear message,” reads a statement from

All Major Bitcoin Mining Farms Just Shut Down in China’s Yunnan Province

Kevin Zhang, vice president of crypto mining company Foundry, claims that all major Bitcoin mining farms have been shut down in Yunnan, China’s most southwestern province. He cites an anonymous source. According to Zhang, the government is ramping up its crackdown on the cusp of the Communist Party of China’s 100th anniversary that will be

Monero's Riccardo Spagni Responds to Zcash Fan's Tirade in Very Unusual Way

Ads Ads Riccardo “Fluffy Pony” Spagni , a renowned developer and former lead maintainer of popular privacy coin Monero (XMR), is going to demonstrate the power of XMR’s privacy. “Fine, I’ll bite” An anonymous Twitter user, who is impersonating American TV host Bruce Wagner, questioned the Monero (XMR) security model. In his cocky tweet, he

China’s Ban Sparks Fears of Dirty Bitcoin Mining Practices

China’s crackdown on Bitcoin mining has sent the hash rate plummeting and has further served to highlight the detrimental environmental aspects of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. But the consequences have not been adequately addressed, according to a senior British academic. Pete Howson, a senior lecturer in international development at Northumbria University in the UK,

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