Month: May 2020 Weekly Report: Crypto Top 3 is BTC, ETH, BNB Crypto Market Overview: New Crypto Top 3 is BTC, ETH, BNB As the Crypto bull market continues and several cryptocurrencies make impressive leaps, the main story of this week involves the elevation of BNB into the Big 3 of cryptocurrency rankings by market cap, following Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin had a very solid week characterized by daily all-time highs paid $200,000 to help catch hackers

Cryptocurrency exchange has paid $200,000 to a group of investigators for helping to catch the hackers behind the attempted hacking of the platform in March 2018. Representatives of told ForkLog about this. Then the victims of unauthorized transactions were users who used API keys to synchronize with trading bots. Their data was obtained by hackers

The list of relaible crypto exchangers adds Neycrypt

It’s no secret that cryptocurrency is gaining more and more popularity every year. Humanity has realized that on its basis it is possible to create new applications, perform secure trade operations, and conclude fair deals. Even just paying for goods is much easier and faster with a digital coin than with the usual bank transfer.

Moonbitc developers will launch a new protocol for the interaction of various blockchains

Moonbitc is working on a new Compound Chain tool. The development team of the popular decentralized finance project. That will allow the protocol to attract assets from other blockchains.Moonbitc is a blockchain that “enables the movement of assets and liquidity. Between members of other blockchains.” In other words, users of different networks have access to

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