Month: October 2021

hobbitex exchange

Hobbitex: Kraken Fines $ 1.25 Million For Illegal Margin Trading

Hobbitex: – The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Fined Kraken cryptocurrency exchange $ 1.25 million for violating the commodity exchange law, Hobbitex reports.The CFTC said in a statement on Tuesday that the US-based crypto exchange Kraken. So operating under the name Payward Ventures, was unable to register as a futures commission seller. And was

Ethereum Gas Fees Have Risen 2,300% Since June

The average transaction fee on Ethereum is soaring at $51.45, according to data from crypto metrics site BitInfoCharts. The figures show an increase of 2,293% since late June . Only seven days ago, the average transaction fee on Ethereum was $22.52. This month has been particularly temperamental for Ethereum gas fees. On October 15, the

Woof! What to Make of Dogecoin, SHIB, and FLOKI

A friend of mine who is a school administrator in Connecticut, and knows nothing about crypto, has been asking me for months what coins she should buy. I gave her my usual disclaimers: I don’t dispense investment advice; do your own research (read Decrypt!); only invest what you can afford to lose. And I told

Ubisoft Invests In Crypto Startup, Has Play-to-Earn Plans

French game developer Ubisoft discussed its plans for cryptocurrency in an earnings call that took place this week. Ubisoft Has Invested in Animoca During the call, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said his firm has invested in Animoca Brands, a company best known in the crypto community for operating the Ethereum game The Sandbox. Guillemot also

Is DeFi 2.0 a Thing Yet?

DeFi Friday is Decrypt’s DeFi email newsletter. (art: Grant Kempster) Over the past few weeks, you may have begun to see the term “DeFi 2.0” appear on Crypto Twitter. I also mentioned it in last week’s DeFi Friday newsletter (as well as two DeFi projects, Olympus and Alchemix, which appear to fall into this category).

Andre Cronje Suggests Aave Has a Major Vulnerability

Some unsavory developments between DeFi communities have occurred in the past two days; however, it might be mostly noise. DeFi War? Not So Much Yearn founder Andre Cronje tweeted today that Aave (TVL of over $19 billion) users are vulnerable to many of the same risks that have recently troubled other protocols. He wrote: “Aave

Modern Portfolio Theory and the Efficient Crypto Portfolio

While all investing carries some risk, that doesn’t mean all risk is created equal. Learn how to optimize your portfolio weighting for the best risk-adjusted returns using modern portfolio theory and the Sharpe ratio. Modern Portfolio Theory To calculate the most efficient crypto portfolio, we will utilize aspects of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). The theory

$60M Stolen From AnubisDAO Crypto Fundraise

AnubisDAO has suffered from an attack in which an unknown entity stole $60 million from the project’s auction pool. Funds Drained From AnubisDAO In Suspected Rug pull AnubisDAO, a newly-launched dog-themed crypto project, suffered a massive attack today. Based on the on-chain data, someone drained $60 million worth of ETH from the project’s launch pools.

Crypto Trading Platform Amber Group Partners With Climate Tech Company Moss Earth

Amber Group, a leading cryptocurrency trading company, has announced a partnership with climate tech company Moss Earth that tokenizes carbon credits and develops an environmental platform that utilizes those credits. Partnership details The main part of the deal is to purchase MCO2 tokens worth 250,000 carbon tons. The above-mentioned amount of tokens is sufficient for

Patreon May Let Creators Offer Fans ‘Exclusive Memberships’ Through Social Tokens

Patreon lets creators earn income directly from supporters via subscriptions, potentially yielding stronger bonds with fans while enabling new types of business models. Now, the service says that it is considering adding the option for creators to offer their own personal crypto tokens—or social tokens—to help monetize their communities. At The Information’s 2021 Creator Economy

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