Day: October 3, 2021

Dogecoin and Its Copycats Quickly Erase Elon Musk-Driven Gains

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet, recently posted a photo of his charming Shiba Inu puppy named Floki. Floki Frunkpuppy — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 4, 2021 Despite announcing that he would publish the picture in advance, Musk’s tweet had very little impact on the prices of some canine cryptocurrencies.

Context App Makes NFT Trading Feel Like Instagram

Have you ever wondered which NFTs Twitter influencers, TikTok traders, and DAO members are actually trading? A new Web 3.0 app called Context has made tracking that data a lot easier. Launched in beta on Friday, Context feels like Instagram or Pinterest for non-fungible tokens. It lets you search for NFT collections, artists, and DAOs

Tax-Dodging Cardano (ADA) Traders Come Under Scrutiny in Japan

A recent report by Japanese financial outlet Nikkei says that Japan’s tax collecting agencies have zeroed in on tax-dodging cryptocurrency traders. After a large-scale audit in the Kanto region and other parts of the country, it was discovered they had failed to pay 1.4 billion yen ($12.6 million). According to a person involved in the

Blockchain-Based MarTech Platform Ojamu Raises $1.7 in Oversubscribed Private Sale

Ojamu has raised $1.7 million in a private sale. Ojamu Closes Oversubscribed Sale Ojamu—a marketing technology (MarTech) platform that leverages the power of blockchain, Ai, and NFTs to create and automate the most effective digital marketing campaigns for brands—has announced the closing of its $1.7 million private sale. The oversubscribed private sale saw participation from

Raoul Pal “Extremely Bullish” on Crypto in Next Few Months: See Two Charts

Mr. Pal has shared charts to display the phase of crypto market dynamics and explain why it looks amazing for bulls. Big move after big consolidation Today, on Oct. 3, 2021, Mr. Pal shared the chart of net cryptocurrency market capitalization displayed on a logarithmic scale. This is total market cap. It is likely ready

Compound Exploit Drains $21M From Lending Protocol

A week ago, Compound founder Robert Leshner called a bug in his lending protocol’s smart contract a “moral dilemma.” Perhaps for some, but for others today the smart contracts became a vending machine full of free cash. Today, someone exploited a bug in Compound’s Controller contract, which is the part of the protocol that distributes

Binance Lets Customers Move Stock Tokens Before Service Shuts Down

Crypto exchange Binance is allowing European customers to migrate their tokenized stocks to another company. Binance suddenly shut down its tokenized stock service in July after several regulators said the tokens likely constituted illegal securities offerings. Customers in the European Economic Area and Switzerland can now migrate tokenized stock from Binance to CM-Equity AG, the

Bitcoin's Hashrate Comes Close to Recording New All-Time High Despite China's Ban

Bitcoin’s hashrate, which shows the combined computational power of the network, spiked to 177.5 EH/s on Oct. 2, according to data provided by The closely-watched metric has managed to stage a stunning recovery after plunging in late June due to a slew of Chinese provinces moved to ban Bitcoin mining. Image by In

KuCoin Latest Crypto Exchange to Boot Chinese Mainlanders

KuCoin is the latest cryptocurrency exchange to shut down accounts of mainland Chinese residents after the People’s Bank of China issued another blanket ban on crypto trading last Friday. According to an announcement today, the Seychelles-based exchange first “cleared and refunded users in mainland China” in September 2017 following China’s first ban on crypto exchanges.

Altcoins Terra, Arweave, Tezos and Solana Soar

Altcoins are on the up. Tezos is up 23% in the past 24 hours to $8.7, Terra is up 15% to $43, Arweave is up 15% to $56 and Solana is up 8% to $171. Combined, the rise of the coins, which apart from Solana have market caps well under $10 billion, helped notch up

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