Day: July 29, 2021

Legendary Trader Peter Brandt Believes This Bitcoin Rally Could Falter

With Bitcoin struggling to break above the $40,000 resistance, commodity trader veteran Peter Brandt has taken to Twitter to share a bearish warning for bulls. Ads Ads Brandt has pointed to the fact that the largest cryptocurrency was rejected at the aforementioned level on multiple occasions. What do these dates have in common? May 19,

Ethereum Celebrates Sixth Anniversary—As Devs Race to Upgrade It

On July 30, 2015, the first iteration of Ethereum, then known by the name “Frontier,” was released. In the six years since the network came into existence, it has weathered a near-catastrophic early attack, undergone a contentious hard fork, and built up a market cap of $278 billion—second only to Bitcoin. But this sixth anniversary

$1.5 Billion in Bitcoin Options Expire Tomorrow. Here’s Who Benefits

Bitcoin options contracts worth $1.5 billion will expire Friday on unregulated derivatives exchange Deribit. With Bitcoin’s price rebounding 10% in the last month, bullish traders could get a sizable discount. Bitcoin options contracts allow traders the (ahem) option of buying BTC at a set price. Contracts can be traded throughout the month, typically until the

Congress Fears DeFi “Financial 9/11”: U.S. Legislator

U.S. Representative Ted Budd has emphasized the need for clear communication between issuers of stablecoins and U.S. regulators. Congress Fears DeFi Could Pose Threat to National Security Ted Budd, who serves on the Financial Services Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, has become one of the first elected US officials to speak with a

BTC, XRP, and BNB Price Analysis for July 29

Bulls have seized the opportunity in the cryptocurrency market, with the majority of the coins being in the green zone. XRP and DOGE are the only exceptions. Top coins by CoinMarketCap BTC/USD Yesterday, the bulls were preparing for an assault on the psychological level of $40,000. However, the breakthrough turned out to be rather weak

How Do You Stake Cryptocurrencies? Earning Passive Income With Crypto

While the Bitcoin network is secured by mining mining , many newer cryptocurrencies use an alternative consensus mechanism known as proof of stake (PoS). This involves users staking their cryptocurrency—pledging their crypto assets to the network to help the blockchain validate transactions. But staking isn’t just an altruistic act to benefit the network. In exchange

Robinhood Stock Debuts at $38, Immediately Drops 9% Before Recovering

The online brokerage company Robinhood debuted its stock early Thursday, only to see a 9% drop in share prices over the next 15 minutes. The initial price was $38, which put Robinhood at a $32 billion valuation—and thanks to a quick recovery over the following 15 minutes, $HOOD is now sitting at around $36. Today’s

Robinhood IPOs Amid Uniswap Partnership Rumors

Shares of the stock and crypto-trading app Robinhood will begin trading today, with the $38 starting price valuing the company at $31.7 billion. Robinhood Goes Public After many delays, Robinhood is finally launching its initial public offering (IPO). In a Wednesday press release , the commission-free broker announced that its IPO will start after the

Robinhood Makes Bumpy Debut on Nasdaq

Online brokerage firm Robinhood is having a rough pubic equities market debut. Its stock opened at $38 on the Nasdaq exchange this Thursday but then swiftly started to tumble. Within 18 minutes, it plunged over 11 percent from its IPO price before seeing a modest recovery. Ads Ads Image by The trading app managed

Bitcoin and Ethereum Flash Sell Signals After Major Gains

Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to make higher highs, but one technical indicator suggests that a correction could be coming. Bitcoin May Pump Before the Dump Bitcoin and Ethereum may be due for a correction. Bitcoin has seen its price surge by more than 37% over the last week, going from a low of $29,800 to

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